The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

2014 Stop Violence Against Women Day

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Check out photos from the 2013 Stop Violence Against Women Day


Tools to prepare you for Stop Violence Against Women Day

GCADV, in collaboration with the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault, the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, Men Stopping Violence, Caminar Latino, and Raksha, has created the following videos in order to better prepare you and your team for Stop Violence Against Women Day!  Please take time to watch each video and review the documents prior to the event.

Video credits (in order of appearance):


Video 1:  How a Bill Becomes a Law

Document to accompany Video 1:   How a Bill is Passed in the Georgia Legislature


Video 2:  How to Influence Your Legislators


Video 3:  The Nuts and Bolts of Visiting the Capitol

Document to accompany Video 3:   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about legislative advocacy

Weblink to accompany Video 3:   Find your state legislators


Video 4a:  2014 Legislation / Intro to role plays of meetings with legislators



Video 4b:  Role play #1 – Neutral legislator, but very busy



Video 4c:  Role play #2 – Supportive legislator



Video 4d:  Role play #3 – Unsupportive legislator


Video 4e:  Role play wrap-up and Conclusion


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