The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Project Connect

A Public Health Approach to Domestic Violence

Georgia is one of 10 sites chosen by the Family Violence Prevention Fund to participate in the 2-year Project Connect Program.  This project is funded by through the health provisions in Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2005.  Project Connect is designed to find new ways to identify, respond to and prevent domestic and sexual violence and promote an improved public health response to domestic violence.

As part of the project, Georgia has developed a Leadership Team comprised of various health professionals representing public health agencies, researchers, physicians and nurses.  Additional members include professionals working with culturally diverse populations.  The Leadership Team worked to develop project goals and objectives for the two-year project.


Project Goals and Expected Outcomes

The goal of Project Connect in Georgia is to train selected family planning and perinatal health care providers on the relationship between domestic violence on women’s health.  Training will also be provided on routine screening of patients, intervening with an identified victim and referral to a shelter program when appropriate.  The expected outcome of this project is that it will lead to improved safety of women and children encountering the public health care system in Georgia.


Statewide Training Opportunities

Click here to view upcoming trainings, including all GCADV and Project Connect training opportunities.

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