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Urge Senators Chambliss and Isakson to SUPPORT S.1925 and OPPOSE the Grassley-Hutchison Substitute

Posted on: 04.24.12

Some harmful VAWA substitutes and bad amendments to S.1925 could be debated on the Senate Floor as soon as Wednesday, April 25! Call Senator Chambliss and Senator Isakson today with this message:

“I am/the members of my organization are constituents and we need Senator Chambliss/Senator Isakson to vote for S. 1925.  S. 1925 is the real VAWA and has protections and services for ALL victims.  A vote for any other bill or unfriendly amendment is a vote AGAINST VAWA.”

S. 1925 protects victims and must pass.  A vote for any other bill or a vote for any amendment is a vote AGAINST VAWA. (See a recent Washington Post article that outlines key provisions in S. 1925.)

A harmful substitute bill – the Grassley-Hutchison substitute – will likely be offered up as an alternative to S.1925.  This substitute bill includes damaging and unworkable provisions that will harm victims, cost money, and create new bureaucracies and unnecessary inefficiencies that would divert precious dollars from services.  It was drafted without input or consultation from the thousands of professionals engaged in this work every day.  You can learn more about this substitute bill HERE.

The real VAWA – S. 1925 – was carefully crafted with new provisions and refinements based on interviews with more than 2,000 law enforcement, court, prosecution, legal services, and victim services professionals from across the country.  S. 1925 builds upon the past successes of VAWA, increasing its effectiveness and reaching more victims, while decreasing the total amount of federal funding by 20%, eliminating 13 programs and streamlining another ten programs into three.  You can learn more about the real VAWA reauthorization bill – S. 1925 – HERE.

Thank you for your continued advocacy!  We will keep you posted!

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