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Urge Congress to support *real* vawa reauthorization!

Posted on: 05.10.12

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to vote NEXT WEEK on a harmful alternative bill for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization, the Cantor-Adams bill (HR 4970).  Please contact your Congressman and urge him to vote NO on HR 4970!  Ask him to, instead, support a bill like the bipartisan Senate Bill (S.1925) that protects vulnerable communities and does not add additional bureaucratic barriers to victim service providers.

You can find the name and contact information for your Representative by clicking here.

HR 4970 is harmful to victims because it:

For a detailed fact sheet, click HERE.  **NEW**

Based on the false notion that victim services providers are wasteful with VAWA funds, HR 4970 also burdens VAWA grant recipients with unworkable and excessive audit and oversight requirements on top of the already stringent requirements that exist in the law as it is.  This will divert precious grant dollars and time from direct services to victims.

The additional oversight and audit provisions in HR 4970 have been championed by so-called “men’s rights” groups, such as SAVE, as a way to slowly chip away at VAWA and the life-saving services it provides.  SAVE purports that VAWA grant recipients engage in widespread fraud and waste of government funding.  This group also actively seeks to undermine the work of victim advocates by spreading misinformation about the rate of false allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault, declaring June as “False Allegations Awareness Month.”

For more detailed information about HR 4970, please visit

Please take just a few minutes to call or email your Congressman to urge him to oppose HR 4970.  Many Congressmen, unaware of the impact that these dangerous bill provisions would have, are poised to vote in favor of this terrible bill.  It is up to advocates and concerned citizens to educate them about the very real harm that HR 4970 could do!

Thank you for your continued advocacy!!!

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