The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Teens and Relationship Abuse – What Do You Think?

Posted on: 10.14.10

GCADV staff met today to discuss how we can help teens and young adults through public policy development and some of our ongoing programs, such as Project Connect and our Fatality Review Initiative. As we were talking about how teens build healthy relationships and respond to relationship abuse, we all used different language to describe what “dating” is.  We definitely were showing our age because we all had a different name for dating and the abuse that can sometimes occur in teen relationships!  Because our staff work to create social change that addresses the root causes of domestic and dating violence, we don’t have the opportunity to work with teens on a daily basis to know what they call “dating violence” and what their thoughts are about this topic.

Tell us what you think!  What do you call it when a teen is involved with someone romantically?  What do you call it when they are experiencing abuse in that relationship?


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