The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Planning For Safety

Planning for safety is important for people experiencing abuse.  Violence is not your fault; violence is a choice an abuser makes.  Therefore, you are not responsible for the violent choices or actions an abuser takes.

By creating a plan for safety if your partner chooses to be abusive, you may be able to keep from being hurt more severely or killed by the actions of an abuser.  GCADV highly recommends safety planning with a trained domestic violence advocate by calling 1.800.33.HAVEN (1.800.334.2836) V/TTY. If you are unable to call a domestic violence advocate to make a plan for safety, there are several things you can think about that may keep you safer.

General Safety Planning Recommendations

If you are unable to plan for your safety with a domestic violence advocate, you may want to think about how you plan to stay safer when your abuser uses violence.  Every survivor’s safety plan is different, and the ideas listed below may not be right for everyone.   You must trust what you know about the abuser and the situation.

It is generally safer to think about a safety plan instead of writing it down or typing it on your computer in case an abuser sees it.  Rethink your plan for safety regularly depending on any actions that have taken place that may change the safety of your situation.  For example, if your abuser has recently purchased a handgun, had a major loss or changed ways to gain and maintain power and control over you, it could be a clue that your situation is becoming more dangerous and may require additional planning to keep you safer.

Ideas To Help You Plan For Your Safety

Your plan for safety may change depending on how your situation with the abuser changes, so it is important to regularly review your plan for safety so that you are ready to take action if needed.  Call Georgia’s 24/7 domestic violence hotline at 1.800.33.HAVEN (1.800.334.2836) V/TTY to discuss a plan for your safety in depth with a domestic violence advocate.

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