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Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Cri$tyle Partners with GCADV for BE THE VOICE Campaign

Posted on: 11.30.10

11.30.2010– Singer-songwriter Cri$tyle has partnered with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence to launch BE THE VOICE, a viral campaign designed to educate and eradicate domestic violence at its core. As a childhood survivor of domestic violence, Cri$tyle is no stranger to its stronghold over communities across the country. The opportunity to partner with GCADV gave Cri$tyle an opportunity to become a more vocal advocate using her strongest asset: her voice.

Cri$tyle’s ability to give a “voice” to some of the biggest artists of her lifetime has allowed her to live out her dreams. The singer turned songwriter turned singer once again recently celebrated the biggest coup of her career with Rhianna’s #1 hit single, “Only Girl”. Although the song was Cri$tyle’s fourth #1 single in under three years, the song continues to dominate the charts in numerous countries, solidifying Cri$tyle as one of the most prolific and diverse songwriters of her time.

While penning songs for some of the biggest icons in music proved rewarding, the songwriter from Decatur, GA never lost sight of her dreams of singing her own songs. In the spring of 2010, while doing the usual studio runs with her manager working on placements, Cri$tyle was asked to sing for industry vet Barry Hankerson. Hankerson immediately recognized a certain “spark” in the pretty songwriter with the big vocals and amazing records. Hankerson referred to Cri$tyle as the “missing voice” in music and eagerly began the process to sign her to his Blackground/Interscope imprint. The deal was finalized in October and Cri$tyle began preparing for the release of her first single “Pinch Me Now.”

Following her heart also lead Cri$tyle to link up with the Georgia Coalition for Domestic Violence. The award-winning songwriter partnered with the coalition to launch an educational campaign titled, “Be the Voice.” After experiencing domestic violence in her childhood, Cri$tyle says it was important to use her platform to give back and most importantly to educate others. “Domestic violence is able to continue because it’s something we’re ashamed of and afraid to address. Education is important and I want to be a part of helping children, especially, understand what this issue is so we can stop it. The “Be the Voice” campaign empowers women and children to speak up,” Cri$tyle explains.

The first installment in a series of PSA’s targeting stereotypes and heart-wrenching facts dealing with domestic violence fatalities will be featured on various social media sites online just before the Christmas holiday. The campaign will culminate in a benefit concert for the GCADV in February 2011.

For more information on how you can be involved with BE THE VOICE, or to have it featured on your website, please contact Christal Jordan, Enchanted PR at

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