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Self-Care for Domestic Violence Advocates Around the Holidays

Posted on: 11.24.10

11/24/2010 – For those of us who work in the domestic violence advocacy field we are used to giving… and giving… and giving.  We love to give!  That’s why we do this work.  While the holiday season is often a time when we surround ourselves with family and an outpouring of joy it can often be a challenge to balance our work, family and busy schedules.  It can turn a joyous holiday season of “how am I going to get all of this done and stay sane!?”  It is extremely important as advocates and as human beings that we slow down, take a deep breath and take good care of ourselves or we will surely burnout!   With all of our giving we need to make sure we have a full “give tank” to help us to be able to sustain our giving spirit, especially around the holidays!

Burnout can be manifested physically, mentally, behaviorally, and spiritually. Some symptoms include:

So how can we take care of ourselves?

Your holiday stress will seem like a distant memory with a little self care!

More tips for surviving the holidays:

When I started doing research for this article it was amazing to me how much information there was out there.  People are blogging about this subject, writing articles and giving great information.  These are the places I found this information.,1

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