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Rep. Edward Lindsey Awarded Legislative Champion Award by Georgia Commission on Family Violence

Posted on: 10.30.12

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ATLANTA— State Representative Edward Lindsey (R-Atlanta) recently received the Legislative Champion Award from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence (GCFV).

“I am honored to receive this award from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence,” said Rep. Edward Lindsey. “The GCFV is a tireless advocate for Georgia’s families and I am proud to work with them to support and protect men, women, and children who are impacted by domestic violence.”

Rep. Lindsey receiving the Legislative Champion Award from GCFV representatives Amy Alvarez, Chuck Spahos, Judge Peggy Walker, and Greg Loughlin.

Rep. Lindsey received GCFV’s Legislative Champion Award for his ongoing leadership to make Georgia a safer place for women, children and men. Among Rep. Lindsey’s legislative successes in this area are the passage of HB 200 and HB 711, both of which he sponsored. HB 711 makes it easier for prosecutors to obtain the evidence necessary to convict abusers and provides greater privacy protections for victims that seek refuge in a family violence shelter. HB 200 toughens sanctions against human traffickers while providing trafficking victims with more pathways and resources to escape their entrapment.

Judge Stephen Kelley, a Superior Court Judge in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and GCFV’s Chair, explained the importance of Rep. Lindsey’s contribution: “Ending family violence in Georgia requires vision, leadership and courage. Representative Lindsey consistently demonstrates those qualities. Again and again, he has done the right thing by partnering with domestic violence, sexual assault and child advocacy experts to speak passionately and effectively on behalf of women, children and men in Georgia. I am inspired by his leadership, and I believe that Georgia is a safer place because of his work.”

Loughlin added, “Georgia ranks sixth in the nation for men killing women. We need more men like Representative Lindsey to take a strong stand against family violence.”

“Representative Lindsey continues to be a strong advocate for Georgia’s domestic violence victims and survivors, and we are grateful for his ongoing commitment to providing a voice for women and children in the legislature,” said Amy Alvarez, vice president of development and marketing for Partnership Against Domestic Violence. “We are pleased to recognize Representative Lindsey with this award, and we call on additional civic and community leaders to follow his example and join the fight to end intimate partner violence.”

GCFV Past Chair Judge Peggy Walker, Legislative Chair Chuck Spahos, Executive Director Greg Loughlin and Amy Alvarez presented Rep. Lindsey with the award last night at a meet and greet event with constituents at 4219 Beverley Lane, Atlanta, Ga. 30342.

The GCFV is a state agency that was created by the Georgia General Assembly in 1992 to develop a comprehensive state plan for ending family violence in Georgia. House Speaker David Ralston appointed Rep. Lindsey to GCFV in 2010.

Representative Edward Lindsey was elected Majority Whip by the Republican Caucus, the fourth highest ranking position in House leadership, on December 17, 2009. He represents the citizens of House District 54, which includes portions of Atlanta. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 2004, and currently serves on the Rules, Appropriations, Education, Ethics, Industrial Relations, and Judiciary committees.


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