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November 14 is Pass VAWA! National Day of Action

Posted on: 11.13.12











It’s unacceptable that VAWA resources have been jeopardized for almost 2 years!

The election is over and it’s time!

Congress has some unfinished business.

They MUST PASS the Violence Against Women Act NOW!

We must get Congress to finish the work of passing a VAWA that safely and effectively protects ALL victims.


National Day of Action:

Mark your calendars for a National Day of Action to pass VAWA – Wednesday, November 14.  Advocates and allies all across the nation will be contacting their elected officials to tell them “Pass VAWA now!”

Please take a few minutes on that day to call your Senators and Representatives.


Email: Don’t have time to call? You can also the short message above to your Members of Congress.


Twitter:  Do you tweet?  Here are a few sample tweets that you can use!

@[INSERT YOUR REP’S TWITTER HANDLE] #PassVAWA2012 because victims need safe and affordable housing #dv #VAWA

@[INSERT YOUR REP’S TWITTER HANDLE] #PassVAWA2012 because victims are still being killed by their partners. #dv #VAWA

@[INSERT YOUR REP’S TWITTER HANDLE] #PassVAWA2012 because our shelter serves victims in your community who depend on it!

@[INSERT YOUR REP’S TWITTER HANDLE]  #PassVAWA2012 because 6 out of 10 Native American women will be physically assaulted in their lifetime.


Social Media

Be a part of a ground-breaking campaign to leverage the full power of social media in fighting for the Reauthorization of VAWA! Join the #PassVAWA2012 Facebook Photo Campaign to tell Congress that it’s time to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act!  It’s easy – just snap photos of you, your friends, and your colleagues – holding up signs saying why we need to Pass VAWA NOW!  Submit your photos via email to and or tweetpic to #PassVAWA2012.


The Background

You have worked so hard over the past two years to urge Congress to reauthorize VAWA.  Election cycle politics derailed VAWA’s passage and now we have a final opportunity to get this done!  Congress needs to hear from you that this is still a priority and that they need to act in “lame duck” session.  With the combination of additional pressure from you throughout November and the work of NNEDV and others at the national level, we believe that it is very likely that Congress will act on VAWA upon their return.

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