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JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Mary Kay partner in documentary contest!

Posted on: 06.16.11

 By April MacIntyre Jun 14, 2011, 14:58 GMT

 Beauty company Mary Kay and actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher have partnered to help aspiring filmmakers realize their dreams.

The Mary Kay Inspiring Stories collaborative film project is inviting women nationwide to share in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be flown to Hollywood to produce documentaries that inspire, educate and create a national conversation about the issue of domestic violence alongside celebrities who share a commitment to the cause.

Those selected will also work alongside celebrities like JoAnna Garcia Swisher (from television’s Better With You) who share a commitment to the cause. Mary Kay, a company dedicated to enriching women’s lives, is taking action with this compelling initiative to empower women to bring their collective voices together to fight back against the number one cause of injury to women.

Through June 30th, women ages 18 to 34 are invited and encouraged to apply online at: for a chance to get involved in the fight against the number one cause of injury to women.

Each documentary will feature a female celebrity narrator who will add her voice to raise awareness and education about domestic violence. The celebrity narrators and the female participants will work together to bring their collective voice to raise awareness about domestic violence. The announcement of all three celebrities involved will be announced before August.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher will help one of the participants in their telling of an inspiring story. This unique and charitable contest not only allows women everywhere the chance to make film magic with celebrity insiders, but also benefits an empowering cause. 

“Mary Kay has always been about enriching women’s lives, and being a champion for causes that affect women,” said Yvette Franco, Vice-President, Mary Kay Inc. “Over the years, we’ve been proud to raise awareness and take action on important issues like domestic violence and we’re proud to continue in that tradition through Mary Kay Inspiring Stories

JoAnna Garcia Swisher added, “As an actress, I think it’s important to use film and television as vehicles to help inspire, empower and educate others about issues like domestic violence that deserve our attention. I hope each documentary created through this project helps bring about positive change in the lives of women faced with the threat or reality of domestic abuse.” 

The films will premiere in late September, on the cusp of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Following the premiere and throughout the month of October, millions of people across America will have the chance to view, vote and support the documentaries online at The film crew that captures America’s vote will have a $20,000 grant given to a domestic violence shelter in their name from the Mary Kay Foundation.

To further efforts to combat domestic violence, consumers can join Mary Kay in its worldwide efforts to change the lives of women and children through the purchase of Limited-Edition Beauty that Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick.

In the U.S., from Sept. 16 through Dec. 15, 2011, $1 will be donated from the sale of each shade – Give Dreams, Give Hope and Give Joy – to the Mary Kay Foundation in its efforts to end domestic violence. Yvette Franco, Vice-President for Mary Kay and Mary Kay Foundation board member added, “Mary Kay’s Inspiring Stories is a powerful project because it unites a community of diverse women all looking to bring their voice to millions nationwide to support the often-unheard women impacted by domestic violence.”

For the third straight year, the “Mary Kay Truth About Abuse” national survey conducted earlier this year, shows domestic violence shelters reporting increased demand for their services while the economy struggles. In fact, 80 percent of domestic violence shelters nationwide (more than three out of four) reported an increase in women seeking assistance from abuse.

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