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Cell Phone Drive

Give a Phone. Save a Life.

When you host a cell phone drive to collect used cell phones and smart phones for the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, you positively impact GCADV, the individuals we serve and the environment.

It is so easy to start a cell phone drive at your place of employment, school, place of worship, gym or community center. Simply complete the form below, and we will send you a cell phone drive packet that will include all the materials you will need to get started.

Request a Cell Phone Drive Packet

Please fill out the form below with your mailing address to receive a packet in the mail or contact GCADV at 404.209.0280

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Our cell phone drive packets include:

Please note:  The shipping label will allow you to send the phones directly to our recycler free of charge as long as you have you have collected at least 10 phones.  Our recycler will let GCADV know that they received phones from you so that we can send you a receipt and thank you note.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your cell phone drive packet to arrive in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting Your Cell Phone Drive

Question: I only have really old cell phones with batteries that are about the size and weight of a brick. Can you use those?

Answer: Absolutely. If a phone is too old to use, GCADV’s partner, Shelter Alliance, takes apart the components to re-use in newer phones or recycles them. GCADV receives money from the cost of the parts.

Question: I don’t have time to start a cell phone drive right now, but I do have some old cell phones I would like to donate. What should I do?

Answer: Thank you for considering donating to us. We will be here when you decide to start a cell phone drive. If you have fewer than 10 cell phones, please drop them by our office or mail them to us at GCADV, 114 New Street, Suite B, Decatur, GA 30030. If you have more than 10 cell phones, we can send you a label to have them mailed directly to our recycler free of charge to you. Please email, to request your free shipping label to mail 10 or more phones.

Question: How long does my cell phone drive need to last?

Answer: Many people collect cell phones for GCADV on a continual basis. However, the duration of your cell phone drive is up to you. Some people prefer to request cell phone donations during a particular event or once annually for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

Question: I’m involved with a sorority (or other service group), and we want a way to give back to the community and educate others about domestic violence. Can you credit us with community service hours if we collect phones for you?

Answer: Absolutely. Simply pledge that your cell phone collection is on behalf of GCADV at our recycler’s website. When you pledge to collect phones on GCADV’s behalf, they will send you a specialized packet and credit you with a certificate for the hours of community service that you earn. For every five phones you collect, you or your organization receives one hour of community service credit.

Question: I am court-ordered to perform community service hours. Does GCADV grant community service hours for that purpose?

Answer: No, we only grant community service hours for students through our recycler.

Question: How old do you have to be to collect cell phones for GCADV? Can I help GCADV collect cell phones even though I’m a middle school student?

Answer: Yes. You can be any age to collect cell phones for GCADV. Kids, teens and young people are our future, and we would love to have you start a cell phone drive for GCADV. If you want to earn community service hours, just fill out your information at our recycler’s website, and they will send you a packet about how to start your cell phone drive for GCADV and earn a community service certificate.

Question: Why are students encouraged to fill out a form requesting a cell phone drive packet at the recycler’s website, and other community member are encouraged to request a cell phone packet from GCADV?

Answer: Because of limited administrative funds, we prefer to have students register with our recycler because they can track community service hours and provide certificates to students free of charge. By having our recycler track this information, it saves GCADV administrative funds, but it still allows students to get involved and make a difference. Since most people in the community do not wish to earn community service hours for their cell phone drives, GCADV can provide packets at a lower cost to them.

Question: I have a smart phone that I no longer use. Do you accept those?

Answer: Absolutely. We welcome any type of cell phone or smart phone.

Question: Do you take batteries?

Answer: Yes, we need the batteries and the battery covers (battery covers are the plastic “back” of the phone that covers the battery). When shipping, please make sure any batteries included in your shipment are attached to their corresponding phones. If the battery is unavailable, we will accept the phone by itself.

Question: Are there any special shipping requirements for batteries?

Answer: Any batteries included in your shipment must be attached to their corresponding phones (if the battery is unavailable, we will accept the phone by itself). If you are shipping twelve (12) or more “extra” or “loose” batteries, please call Shelter Alliance toll-free at 866.744.1003.

Question: Do you need phone chargers, holsters, phone accessories or manuals?

Answer: No thank you. We do not currently accept these items. We only need phones and their attached batteries.

Question: Is it secure to donate my cell phone to GCADV?

Answer: If you are concerned about your security or removing your contacts from the phone, we recommend that you erase all information from your phone and remove the memory chip in the cell phone, which is usually found near the battery. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the physical or data security of phones left in a drop box. GCADV trusts the integrity of Shelter Alliance in their recycling practices. Data is erased from cell phones by Shelter Alliance once the cell phones reach them. If you have specific questions about how your phone will be recycled or re-used, please contact Shelter Alliance directly.

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