The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Technology Safety

Maintaining safety while using technology can be a challenge for survivors and victims of domestic violence.  Modern technologies are increasingly used to gain and maintain power and control of another person.  Cell phones, caller ID’s, computers, GPS technology, assistive technology, cameras, recording devices and other technologies can be used to intimidate, scare, monitor or threaten victims without an abuser’s physical presence.

GCADV recommends safety planning about your technology concerns with an advocate by calling 1.800.33.HAVEN (1.800.334.2836) V/TTY. If somebody seems to know everything about you, even things that you have not knowingly shared with others, it may be a sign that you are being monitored through technology.  Planning for your safe use of technology may be a way to protect yourself from the violence you are experiencing.

Ways to Stay Safer While Using Technology

The following ideas may help someone experiencing technology abuse stay safer.  However, these ideas may need to be changed according to your particular needs.  Please contact a domestic violence advocate to discuss your specific plan for how to stay safer using technology.  If you think that you are being monitored through technology, it is likely that you are.

More Resources

GCADV recommends visiting to learn more about ways to stay safer while using technology.  If you are concerned you are being monitored, stalked or harassed through technology or if the person abusing you seems to know everything about what you are doing, it is likely you are being tracked with technology.  Please call a domestic violence advocate at 1.800.334.2836 (V/TTY) to plan for your safety when using technology.

If you click the "ESCAPE THIS SITE" button, you will be immediately redirected to An abuser can monitor your computer use. GCADV recommends using a computer at a library or friends house if you are concerned about being watched on your computer. Click here for more info on internet safety.