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Posted on: 03.29.12

For the past 30 years, the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) has been Georgia’s leading representative of domestic violence agencies, advocates, allied individuals and survivors throughout the state. GCADV is committed to bringing together member agencies, allied organizations and supportive individuals who are committed to ending domestic violence.

Additionally, GCADV leads advocacy efforts for responsive public policy and fosters quality, comprehensive prevention and intervention services throughout the state.

Each year more than 100 Georgians lose their lives to domestic violence.  Additionally, in 2011, Georgia went from being the10th to 6th highest in the nation for its rate of men killing women.  We cannot accept this ranking nor can we continue to allow the casualty count of victims rise.  To overcome these disheartening statistics, GCADV has positioned itself to do more and we need your support to do it. This year, GCADV is committed to expanding its reach by providing more resources for our member programs, having a heightened presence on policy that impacts victims, and generating an increased awareness amongst teens.

For the first time in our 30 year history, we have adopted an agency-wide fund development plan to ensure our programs and services are not only accessible and effective but sustainable. As a part of these efforts we have been granted the opportunity to fundraise through the 2012 Peachtree Road Race. The AJC Peachtree Road Race has distinguished itself as one of the premier Fourth of July traditions in Atlanta. With your donation, the impact of our work in public policy increased training opportunities for domestic violence advocates and overall domestic violence awareness through state-wide media campaigns will mobilize our mission to ensure safety for victims and survivors. Please support GCADV with a donation today by clicking the link below!


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