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Food for the Sister’s Soul – 2010 WOCN Call to Action Conference

Posted on: 08.20.10

It has been more than three months since my attendance at the 2010 Women of Color Network: Call to Action Institute and Conference. This conference by far was one of the most beneficial and thought compelling conferences that I have attended. It was indeed “food for the sister’s soul.” I was amazed and overjoyed to see so many women of color come together to celebrate victories, comfort each other, mentor and encourage young women of color, and most importantly lead in this movement on multiple levels.

The after results of this conference have had a huge impact on the way in which I lead both professionally and personally. Not only has this conference impacted me, but it has also impacted GCADV positively by propelling us forward as we continue to encourage the leadership of women of color and strive to better serve communities of color. As a result of information both I and Economic Justice Coordinator Allison Smith gained at this conference, GCADV has been able to develop an agency statewide plan in how we will begin and move forward in our work engaging and providing opportunity for women of color. Additionally, the Women of Color Network will be providing three days of technical assistance and specialized training to GCADV staff during the last week in October. I look forward to the lessons and change that will come as we begin this journey. Oh the places we will go!

Shenna Johnson, MCJ

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