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CAREER OPPORTUNITY: Peace Place seeks Executive Director

Posted on: 10.08.12

The Executive Board of Peace Place, Inc. invites applications for the position of Executive Director.

Peace Place, Inc. is located in Winder, GA and serves Banks, Barrow, and Jackson counties. Peace Place offers a 15 bed shelter, transitional housing, outreach, education and awareness, as well as support groups for the women and children of domestic violence.

A Master’s degree in Social Work or other related field, Juris Doctor, or equivalent degree is required. Applicants with 5 or more years of experience in management and supervision, a demonstrated ability to work with a voluntary Executive Board, grant writing and management, and knowledge of and experience with survivors of domestic violence will be given greatest consideration.

In order to apply for this position, please email a resume and cover letter, in PDF form, to [email protected] or mail these documents to Peace Place, Inc., c/o Nikki Tobias, P.O. Box 948, Winder, GA 30680.

Job Description:





• Compassion: We act with compassion toward others and work for the good of others, respecting people as the authors of their own lives.
• Service: We strive to achieve the satisfaction, both internal and external, of those with whom we work.
• Integrity: We act with integrity that promotes the highest confidence, trust and accountability.
• Leadership: We demonstrate leadership in our organization and throughout the communities we serve.
• Teamwork: We work as a team, achieving mutual goals and objectives collaboratively and collectively.

FUNCTION OF WORK: Administration of the Agency.

• Master’s degree in Social Work or other related field, Juris Doctor, or equivalent degree is required.
• 5 years of management and supervisory experience
• Demonstrated ability to work with a voluntary Board of Directors.
• Fiscal and grant writing and management experience.
• Knowledge and Experience with survivors of domestic violence

• Ability to manage the integration of a variety of agency services.
• Knowledge of personnel, bookkeeping, planning, statistics, grants, budgetary management, development of policy and procedures.
• Community education/intervention experience.
• Exhibits appropriate interpersonal skills.
• Ability to be sensitive to the needs of others.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Communicates and interacts effectively with other staff, survivors of domestic violence and volunteers from various backgrounds.
• Maintains poise in crisis situations.
• Exhibits flexibility in the work environment.
• Possesses the ability to work as part of a team that empowers survivors of domestic violence.
• Effectively plans and arranges work responsibilities.
• Possesses verbal, written and technological communication skills, including the ability to record with clarity and promptness.
• Maintains personal appearance consistent with agency standards.
• Assumes responsibility for personal learning.
• Ability to develop relationships with and access community resources.

• Personnel Management:
-Administer personnel policies including employ, evaluate, promote and discharge staff, volunteers and interns.
-Conduct staff meetings and arrange staff and volunteer in-services to enhance skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers.
-Provides oversight of training of staff and volunteers.
-Ensures compliance with human resource issues including leave, payroll, taxes, medical insurance, and federal and state labor laws.
-Addresses all personnel grievances and complaints ensuring the proper protocol is followed.

• Program Management:
-Maintains the mission of the agency.
-Implements policies and procedures through comprehensive supervision and development, needs assessments, and evaluation methods ensuring compliance with state and federal contracts.
-Provide supervision and support of the shelter, transitional, outreach and thrift store programs.
-Compiles and reviews all monthly, quarterly, and annual statistic reports for grant contracts.
-Ensures the program maintains appropriate insurance coverage for automobile, real estate and personnel matters.
-Addresses survivor grievances ensuring the proper protocol is followed.

• Financial Management:
-Fiscally manage the Agency through grant writing and budgeting under the guidelines set by the board.
-Maintain contract records; include reimbursement requests and monthly reports, in conjunction with the finance chair of the board of directors.
-Ensure program stability and expansion through grant writing and fundraising.
-Create and implement the annual budget ensuring that it is fiscally sound and operating in the best interest of the program.
-Complete a semi-annual budget revision if necessary.
-Acts as the authorized signor on all federal and state contracts.

• Board Governance:
-Plan and coordinate the tasks of the Board.
-Provides transparent communications with the Board informing them of all Peace Place issues.

• Public Relations:
-Represent the Agency in the community, making known our programs and services.
-Act as agency spokesperson with other organizations, communities and media outlets.
-Travels and acts as program representative at all state, federal and local funding contract and coalition meetings.

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