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Join us on September 22 for a special event!

Posted on: 06.21.12

Sadly, Georgia was ranked 6th highest in the nation for its rate of men killing women in 2011 and in 43% of domestic violence cases, children were present. This bleak statistic is why partnerships like this are crucial for GCADV to unite individual victims with domestic violence programs to create a seamless transition towards safety and stability. GCADV advocates on the state and federal levels for responsive public policy, foster quality comprehensive prevention and intervention services, we train and support member programs, and enthusiastically embark on significant partnerships with community organizations and businesses to end domestic violence and its impact to families, in Georgia. This cannot be done without financial support. As a part of GCADV’s efforts to raise funds and increase organizational awareness, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Ms. Anna Balkan, an Atlanta based jeweler who will donate a portion of her profits to aid victims of domestic violence in Georgia.

On Saturday, September 22nd Anna Balkan Jewelry will celebrate the anniversary of their opening and raise awareness of domestic violence and its support of GCADV.  Anna Balkan designs showcase unique color combinations and each piece makes a remarkable fashion statement. Her pieces have been sold in over 250 international locations and been worn by such recognizable stars as model Janice Dickinson and cast members of both All My Children and One Life to Live. “GCADV is doing such important work to give all victims of domestic violence a voice. Banding together in these efforts excites me. A portion of my profits will aid women through support freedom and hope,” say Anna Balkan.

Donations allow GCADV to further collaborate with government agencies and community allies to create prevention efforts and advocate for laws to protect mothers and children. Donations encourage best practice education and training for domestic violence advocates and work with the media to change attitudes to stop domestic violence in Georgia, once and for all. Anna Balkan gets our mission and understands how businesses like hers can benefit victims in Georgia. We appreciate Anna Balkan Jewelry!

To learn more about Anna Balkan Jewelry and to donate to GCADV, RSVP at 678.527.1180 and join in the celebration. 

If you cannot come and want to make a purchase, you can use the promo code “GCADV20” when placing an order between September 22nd and September 30th.

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