The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

ACTION ALERT – Your phone calls are needed to preserve funding!

Posted on: 02.15.11

Funding for Georgia’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs is in serious jeopardy.  YOU can help make a difference by making a few key phone calls to State Senators before FRIDAY of THIS WEEK.

The Georgia Senate Appropriations Committee is set to vote THIS WEEK on funding for Georgia domestic violence and sexual assault programs.  This is our PRIMARY CHANCE to get Senators to reinstate state funds to domestic violence and sexual assault programs in the Fiscal Year 2011 Amended budget.

We desperately need all advocates and allies to make phone calls THIS WEEK to the following State Senators:

When each Senator’s office answers the phone, say:

To read up on the details of how this dramatic change in funding could impact victims and the programs that serve them, please click HERE.

Thank you for your support on this very important issue!  We cannot preserve funding without YOUR VOICE!

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