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ACTION ALERT! Protect victim access to TANF benefits! Ask legislators TODAY to OPPOSE HB 861 and SB 292 regarding drug testing for TANF applicants!

Posted on: 02.28.12

Protect victim access to TANF!   Please contact your legislators TODAY and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 861 and Senate Bill 292, which require applicants for TANF cash assistance to pay for and pass drug screens before receiving benefits for themselves or their children.

There is no question that economic security is closely linked to safety for victims of domestic violence and their children.  Without access to money and resources, many victims find themselves forced to stay with or return to their batterers, thereby increasing their risk of further abuse and homicide.

For so many victims and their children, TANF cash assistance has served as an important stepping stone toward economic security for themselves and their children.  Unfortunately, House Bill 861 and Senate Bill 292 would decrease access to this important resource, creating yet another barrier to victims seeking to become economically independent from their batterers.  We need your help in letting legislators know how these bills will impact victims of domestic violence and their children!



Additional information to pass along to legislators, if time permits

House Judiciary Committee members

Rep. Wendell Willard, Chair – 404.656.5125 – [email protected]

Rep. Mike Jacobs, Vice-Chair – 404.656.0152 – [email protected]

Rep. Stephen Allison – 404.656.0188 – [email protected]

Rep. Rich Golick – 404.656.5943 – [email protected]

Rep. Joe Wilkinson – 404.463.8143 – [email protected]

Rep. Roger Bruce – 404.656.0314 – [email protected]

Rep. Rick Crawford – 404.656.0265 – [email protected]

Rep. Elly Dobbs – 404.656.7859 – [email protected]

Rep. Stacey Evans – 404.656.6372 – [email protected]

Rep. Mark Hatfield – 404.656.0109 – [email protected]    

Rep. Roger Lane – 404.656.5087 – [email protected]

Rep. Edward Lindsey – 404.656.5024 – [email protected]

Rep. Billy Maddox – 404.656.3947 – [email protected]

Rep. Doug McKillip – 404.656.0177 – [email protected]

Rep. Randy Nix – 404.656.0177 – [email protected]

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver – 404.656.0265 – [email protected]

Rep. Larry O’Neal – 404.656.5052 – [email protected]

Rep. Jay Powell – 404.656.7856 – [email protected]

Rep. Pam Stephenson – 404.656.0126 – [email protected]

Rep. Andy Welch – 404.656.0109 – [email protected]

Rep. Tom Weldon – 404.656.0152 – [email protected]


Thank you for taking time to protect victim access to this vital economic safety net!

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