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ACTION ALERT – Don’t let Georgia abandon its state funding commitment to DV services!

Posted on: 03.16.11

We are in the final stretch of the budget process in the Georgia Legislature, so this is likely our LAST CHANCE to advocate on the funding issue.  We need you to make calls to key legislators to ensure funding for domestic violence programs!

Unfortunately, the House Subcommittee on Human Services DID NOT restore any of the $3.7 million in state funding for domestic violence programs in their FY 2012 budget recommendation.  However, there is still one last chance to get these funds restored in the FY 2012 budget as long as the Senate Subcommittee on Human Services includes it in their budget recommendation.

The Senate Subcommittee will be making its final budget recommendations within the coming days, so it is essential that these Senators hear from as many advocates and allies as possible.

Please take the time this week and early next week to call each of the Senate Subcommittee members and urge them to restore all $3.7 million in unrestricted state funds which are not being used for TANF MOE to Georgia’s domestic violence programs in the Fiscal Year 2012 budget.

The following are the members of that subcommittee.  Please make calls to as many of them as you can, as these Senators are accustomed to hearing from people who live outside their districts on budget matters:

When each Senator’s office answers the phone, say:

If time permits, you may also make the following points:

Thank you for your continued support on this very important issue.  Your voice really can make the difference!

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