The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Membership Basics

Members of the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence work together as a dedicated network of service providers to empower survivors and eliminate domestic violence throughout Georgia.  By connecting to the larger domestic violence movement, members are able to more effectively provide services to survivors, impact public policy and network to gain knowledge and skills.

Application for membership is open to any domestic violence victim advocacy agency or victim advocacy program of an agency in the state of Georgia whose primary purpose is to work on behalf of domestic violence victims through direct services, advocacy, or social change efforts.

Membership Benefits

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Training and Technical Assistance

Public Policy and Systems Advocacy Resources

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Statistics and Alerts

Membership Criteria and Application

The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence invites programs whose primary mission is to work on behalf of domestic violence survivors through direct services, advocacy, or social change efforts to apply for membership.  Applicants must be a nonprofit organization, governmental agency or domestic violence program of a nonprofit or governmental agency.

We welcome all other individuals that are interested in GCADV’s work to contribute through collaboration, volunteerism, starting a cell phone drive or supporting our important work through a financial or cell phone contribution.

Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are .002 times the domestic violence organization’s annual operating budget.  For example, if your organizations annual operating budget is $50,000, your annual dues would be $100 ($50,000 x .002 = $100).  The minimum membership payment is $50.00 per year, and the maximum membership payment is $2,000 per year.

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