The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

I first learned about the proverb of Sankofa when I studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa in the Summer of 2007. Sankofa, which literally translates to “go back and take,” is a vital component of Ghanaian culture, emphasizing the importance of learning from the past, especially in an effort to make positive progress for the […]

Because of YOUR phone calls last week, there are moves in the Georgia Legislature to restore a substantial portion of the state funds to domestic violence and sexual assault programs in the Fiscal Year 2011 Amended budget.  This is FANTASTIC news! However, the key legislators in the budget process need to hear from you THIS WEEK in […]

Funding for Georgia’s domestic violence and sexual assault programs is in serious jeopardy.  YOU can help make a difference by making a few key phone calls to State Senators before FRIDAY of THIS WEEK. The Georgia Senate Appropriations Committee is set to vote THIS WEEK on funding for Georgia domestic violence and sexual assault programs.  […]

****URGENT!!  PUBLIC POLICY ACTION ALERT!!!**** Please take 5 minutes TODAY to make ONE PHONE CALL to your United States Representative.  Ask them to preserve current federal funding for services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Right now, Congress is considering massive federal funding cuts to domestic violence and sexual assault programs. This will […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE February 3, 2011 (Atlanta) Hundreds expressed their concerns to Georgia legislators today over the Governor’s proposal to cut a total of $4.5 million dollars in state funds to domestic violence and sexual assault centers and replace it with less flexible federal funding from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) during […]

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